Discover God's Plan for Your Life & Art

So You Can Confidently Pursue Your Creative Calling Without Being Dominated by Doubt and Fear!

The doors are closed for the mentoring program until later this year... Join the Wait List

When you do, I'll also send you some great free resources you can dig into immediately! And of course, I'll let you know when we open the doors again for Created to Thrive.

It's Not Easy to Thrive as a Christian Artist when...

you constantly struggle with lack of confidence and self-sabotage and art​ and it feels like no one understands you.

Add to that, feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm when it comes to the business, marketing and technology side of things and...

sometimes it feels like your God-given dream of being an artist will never happen.

What if you could actually live the abundant life Jesus promised you as an artist in His Kingdom?

Imagine For A Moment:

  • Living a fulfilling life as an artist who loves God, where you’re connected to the Father and inspired by the Holy Spirit to create work that you love…

  • Knowing how to find and connect with potential clients who have the desire and means to purchase your work for top dollar.

  • Seeing the work you create be used by God to bring joy and transformation to people’s lives while blessing you financially…

  • Pursuing your art part-time or full-time as a vocation where you can put all your energy into creating art that brings you life, releases the power of the Kingdom and makes you money.

  • Having a step-by-step pathway to start or grow your art business so that you don't feel overwhelmed with where to start or what do to next...
  • Doing all this in the context of a loving, Christian community of other artists with an experienced mentor walking beside you the whole way!

Introducing the Created to Thrive Artist Mentoring Program!

An easy-to-follow, online mentoring program, dedicated to helping Christian artists like you become confident and equipped in your creative calling without the frustration of having to figure it all out on your own. 

We give you a clear, simple roadmap to follow on your schedule, at your pace. There's no getting behind and we're here every step of the way.

The best part is that the program is inside a supportive community of other Christian Artists from around the world. Whether you like to work alone or with others, you'll always have the support and encouragement you need.

Here's What's Inside the Program...

Over $6900 worth of transformational resources & bonuses...

The Created to Thrive Artist Mentoring Program is an incredible community of artists who all desire to thrive in their creative calling as artists in God's Kingdom! 

Features inside the Membership including 24/7 Access to:

  • Access to over 240 Video and written teaching resources inside 5 easy-to-follow modules from Matt Tommey on how to help you Cultivate Your Heart & Mind, Art, Brand, Business & Life - an over $1400 Value.
  • Weekly Live Group Q&A Session with Matt Tommey (all sessions archived) - a $1200 value.
  • Case Study Interviews with member artists where Matt coaches them 1-on-1 through challenges in their art, spiritual and business life. - a $600 value.
  • BackStage Pass Interviews with member artists where Matt pulls back the curtain on major successes members are having in their life, art and business. - a $600 value.
  • Our Exclusive Bonus Pack that includes:
    • My 9-page Sell Your Art & Make Money Quick Mini-Course - a $97 Value.
    • Developing Your Roadmap to Breakthrough Video with the 3x3 Worksheet - a $27 Value.
    • Art Pricing Workshop - a $179 Value
    • Social Media Cheat Sheet - a $50 Value
    • Pandemic Profit Pivot - a $49 Value.
    • Additional Bonuses including Vision Board Planner, Daily Biblical Affirmations & 29 Habits of Thriving Christian Artists - a $150 Value.
  • A Proven Roadmap to Success with Personalized Tracker to Help You Focus - Priceless
  • Monthly BizChat  with fellow artist members - a $1200 value
  • Monthly CommunityChat with fellow artist members - a $600 value
  • Private member discussion forum to share with other artists - a $600 value
  • Private member Facebook group to develop meaningful relationships - Priceless
  • Complimentary eBooks & Audiobooks for Unlocking the Heart of the Artist, Created to Thrive, How to Connect with God to Create and Sell Your Art, How to Price Your Art, and Prophetic Art  - an over $100 Value.
  • Complimentary eBooks for Crafting Your Brand and Creativity According to the Kingdom - an over $25 Value.
  • Opportunity to Register for Members-Only Mastermind Weekend Live Events (EXCLUSIVE TO CTT MEMBERS ONLY!)
  • In-depth Artist Inventory - a $47 Value
  • In-depth Artist Assessment - $97 Value
  • and much more...

"Matt Tommey is teaching me everything from deepening my relationship with God and co-creating WITH Him to marketing, and everything in between. A mighty man of God raising up an Army of Artists to reveal God’s heart and glory to the world. And I’m selling a lot more too! "

Annette E.
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

"One of my things was ‘Is it worth the money?’ and my experience was that it’s priceless! Can’t believe Matt doesn’t charge more. He truly has a heart for artists."

Jan Tetsutani
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

"I just have to say it is the BEST investment I’ve made in my career as an artist! He covers all the bases; business, mindset+spiritual, and creativity. If you are ready to stop making excuses and get to work on stepping fully into the artist God created you to be, you need to go sign up! "

Paulette Insall
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

"I'm a newbie, but I am convinced that this is the most valuable thing I've ever done. Even though it's only been about 3 weeks since I started, with your encouragement, the Lord has been showing me that I AM gifted as an artist, and there is something to work with. I always felt that I couldn't go further with my work, and that I did not flow with creativity. And I admit that there are times when I am still blocked, BUT I just have to listen to Matt Tommey about something, and the Lord brings me back in focus. "

Charmaine Savoie
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

" I have tried several other things that required more money than we really had and I was really hesitant to go to him with yet one more thing that was going to promise big results, create a lot of excitement, and then fizzle because it turned out to not be "that one thing." I have only done this for a month and a half, but I have already gone farther than I had before with anything else. I believe that is because Created to Thrive deals with all of me as an artist: my relationship with God, my art, my business, and even my relationship with my family. "

Dawnita Hill
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

"I didn't know where to start. I had been suffering from guilt because I didn't know how to bring my art before the public and do what the Lord asked me to do. Then I was introduced to Matt Tommey's Mentoring Program and now I am on my way with emotional, creative and business support."

Linda Everhart
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

Julie Bagamary's Story...

Learn how she found the strength to overcome the lies that kept her from embracing her call to be a thriving fiber artist in God's Kingdom.


+ Over $600 in Bonuses FREE!

Don't miss getting these valuable Quick Start Bonuses including...

Art Sales Jumpstart!

100+ proven strategies used by me and my members so you can start selling your art and make money quickly using your God-given talent.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram and Youtube so you can build your art business online including Selling on Platform, Going Live, Advertising and more!

Profit Pivot in the Pandemic!

10 strategies that are working right now for artists to sell art during this pandemic season, regardless of creative medium.

Confidently Price Your Art!

Learn how to move from frustration and confusion to confidence as you learn how to price your artwork for sales and profit! Principles work for any art medium.

Get More Time Back!

Using my 3x3 Planning Method, you'll kick overwhelm to the curb so you can focus on the things that are most important!

Get Rid of Garbage Thinking!

Use these powerful Biblical affirmations to align your heart and mind with God's truth for your life so you can set a strong foundation for thriving.

Learn When It's Convenient for You!

Get the eversions of all Matt Tommey's books so you can learn whenever and where ever you want, using any device you're on!

Co-Create with Holy Spirit!

Learn to create a vision board to co-create your life with the Holy Spirit so you can align your heart and mind with God's best for your life.

Develop Habits that Produce Results!

Learn to develop habits practiced by seasoned artists in a variety of creative mediums that produce meaningful results.

As a Member of Created to Thrive, you will:

  • Overcome self-sabotage and feelings of inadequacy by learning how to renew your mind according to God’s Word and reset your internal paradigm to one that aligns with God’s Kingdom.

  • Know God’s plan for your life and art so you can confidently pursue your Kingdom assignment without being dominated by doubt and fear.

  • Walk confidently in the marketplace so you can know your life and art is making a real difference in the lives of others.

  • Clearly hear God’s voice so you can respond in faith, not fear, to your Kingdom calling as an artist.

  • Create an easy-to-follow marketing plan for your art business that gets you in front of potential clients so you can focus on creating art.

  • Find clients to buy your artwork for top-dollar and cultivate relationships with them over time that results in sales and referrals.

  • Confidently price your artwork for wholesale and retail sales so that you’re actually making a profit.

  • And much, much more!

"The monthly fee is the best investment I've ever made. I struggled with whether or not I could afford it before I signed up. I wasn't sure if I could afford it and if it would be worth it. I've been a member now about a year. The benefits from Created To Thrive are so numerous! A community of Christian Artists who will encourage and pray for you, spiritual, and how to marketing wisdom from Matt are just a few of the benefits. My life now is full of breakthroughs and amazing opportunities. I'm so glad I decided to give this group a try."

Deborah Nell
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

"I knew I "couldn't afford it" but it is so much more than I expected! From the beginning I felt that I had found "home". The resources and support available far exceeded what I expected to find. My husband and I are both artists but mostly we have been stuck. Matt Tommey's program and teaching have been just what we needed to begin to move again. "

Mona Miller
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

"I am one of those people who’s been delivered from poverty mentality. I took a leap because I wanted to commit my ways to our Lord. I’m so blessed to be free from fear of not having what I need to be who I’m created to be! He is my provider, and thru this program, I am equipped for the next step. "

Mona Frye
Artist Member, Created to Thrive

God is awakening hearts, equipping artists and changing lives through Created to Thrive!

Here's a few stories from artists who are a part of our community.

My friend, anyone of these stories could be your story. Why not you? Why not now? Let's do this thing and make this next year YOUR breakthrough year. 
Who knows... maybe you'll be featured here this time next year!

I Care About You...

Not Just Your Art Sales.

  • I’ve Helped Thousands of Artists Around the World Discover God’s Plan for their Life and Art.
  • Taught Artists to Develop their Unique Artistic Voice and Create from a place of Spirit-led Connection.

  • Mentored Artists on How to Authentically Connect with Buyers and Sell Their Artwork for Top Dollar.​

  • Since 2009 as an Artist, Author, Speaker and Mentor voted one of Professional Artist Magazines "Best Art Mentors" in 2018.

How to Know if Created to Thrive is the Right Fit for You, or Not...

This will help you make your decision...

I want every artist to become a part of our mentoring program because it's been proven to be life-changing. There's no doubt about it.  But let's be honest. Created to Thrive is probably not for you if you're:

   Not ready to commit to actively pursuing your calling as an artist as a serious hobby, ministry, part-time or full-time vocation.

  Unwilling to invest in your personal, artistic and professional growth.

  Not prepared to make changes in your schedule and life focus to make room for your calling as an artist.

  Not open to trying new things or to change unhealthy mindsets and habits. 

  If this is just not the right season of life for you to be focused on your art journey.

  Are looking for a magic pill or some get-rich-quick sales techniques to help you become a world-famous artist overnight.

However, Created to Thrive would be a great fit for you if you're ready to:

   Invest in your own journey as an artist to grow spiritually, artistically and in business or ministry.

   Be a part of an incredible community of artists from around the world

   Learn how to hear God's voice and walk with Him as you grow your art business.

   Align your heart and mind with God's best for your life so you can overcome self-sabotage once and for all.

   Build an art career that will enable you to create the work you love, sell to buyers who authentically connect with you and serve the lifestyle you desire.

   Willing to receive input from an experienced mentor and other community members who want to see you thrive!

The doors are closed for the mentoring program until later this year... Join the Wait List

When you do, I'll also send you some great free resources you can dig into immediately! And of course, I'll let you know when we open the doors again for Created to Thrive.

...and You'll Be A Part of a Community of Christian Artists!

Forget the days of feeling like no one understands you or struggling to figure things out on your own. Whether it's marketing, technology, social media, or just needing a friend to pray through the deeper "heart stuff" that's so important, our community will be there to support you every step of the way!

Find out how these artists had major breakthroughs and started successfully selling art after joining Created to Thrive!


More stories of transformation from artists who said "Yes!" to Created to Thrive.

This could absolutely be your story. Why not?


As a member, you'll also...

  • Understand how to photograph your artwork without expensive, complicated equipment so that you can share your artwork in a professional way with the world.

  • Cultivate your ideal schedule so you’re able to control your schedule based on your God-given priorities and the season you’re in.

  • Continually cultivate Spirit-led inspiration and imagination no matter what your creative medium so that you can overcome artist block.

  • Create art that carries God’s presence so your art releases the light and life of God into the lives of others.

  • Understand God’s supernatural plan for your finances and how provision flows in the Kingdom so that you can move past lack and into a place of divine abundance.

  • Embrace and develop your unique creative voice so you can grow in maturity, be authentically “you” and create work that is truly one-of-a-kind in the marketplace.

  • Focus your creative expression and limit your artistic palette in order to avoid artistic overwhelm while you develop maturity and uniqueness as an artist.

  • And much, much more!

Jan Tetsutani's Story...

Learn how this painter, instructor, and muralist pushed past her fear and self-sabotage to walk into her calling as a thriving full-time artist.


Just to Recap What's Inside the Program...

Over $6900 worth of transformational resources & bonuses...

The Created to Thrive Artist Mentoring Program is an incredible community of artists who all desire to thrive in their creative calling as artists in God's Kingdom! 

Features inside the Membership including 24/7 Access to:

  • Access to over 200 Video and written teaching resources 
  • Weekly Live Group Q&A Session 
  • Case Study Interviews with member artists 
  • BackStage Pass Interviews with member artists 
  • Our Exclusive Bonus Pack of Valuable Resources!
  • A Proven Roadmap to Success 
  • Monthly BizChat 
  • Monthly CommunityChat
  • Private member discussion forum 
  • Private member Facebook group 
  • Complimentary eBooks & Audiobooks
  • Members-Only Mastermind Weekend Live Events 
  • In-depth Artist Assessment
  • In-depth Artist Inventory 
  • Tons of bonus materials and much more...

Rachel Painter's Story

After being rejected from art school and thinking her dream of being an artist might never come true, Rachel's live was transformed through the mentoring program.


One More Thing Before You Go...

Today could be the day EVERYTHING changes for you.

My friend, if we were able to sit down over a cup of coffee or tea and I could encourage you with one thought, it would be this:

Nothing is going to change in your life until you make the decision to change.

See, I've learned over the years, both in my own life and as I've been privileged to help thousands of artists around the world, that change begins in your life with one simple step. 100% of the time, that change has to do with you making an intentional decision to choose something different than what you've been currently doing. 

That was my story, it's the story of every artist I've ever seen move from struggling to really thriving in their life and my friend, it can be your story, too.

I hope by now, you realize I'm the real deal and Created to Thrive is the real deal, too. For me, this is a calling from the Lord and I can say, humbly, there's absolutely no other program like it anywhere in existence.  If you'll allow me, I'd love to help you become the thriving artist God designed you to be.

This is your story and you get to write the next chapter. You can absolutely do it on your own but if you'll give me the opportunity, I promise I'll give you the tools, encouragement and support you need.  Not only that, our whole community will stand with you as you start pursuing God's very best for your life. Join us and things will never be the same.

I hope you'll say "Yes!" today and become a part of Created to Thrive. 

Until then, many blessings, 


The doors are closed for the mentoring program until later this year... Join the Wait List

When you do, I'll also send you some great free resources you can dig into immediately! And of course, I'll let you know when we open the doors again for Created to Thrive.


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