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Learn How to Price Your Art with Confidence by using the Convergence Art Pricing Framework™️


What is the Convergence Art Pricing Framework™️?

Pricing is not just about numbers. Far from it.  It's the convergence of your beliefs, art, business expenses, profit, and a variety of other factors all rolled into one.

The Convergence Art Pricing Framework™️ teaches you how to recognize and remove the fear-based fictional stories playing through your mind, use a simple formula to calculate your pricing that ensures profit every time, and understand the various factors that affect your art pricing so you can really thrive as an artist.

Inside the How to Price Your Art Workshop, you will learn...

  • 7 Factors that Determine Art Pricing
  • An Easy Pricing Formula for Pricing Your Art
  • How to Make a Profit on Every Sale
  • 5 Keys to Creating a Pricing Strategy
  • Why Fear of Raising Your Prices is All In Your Head
  • How to Identify and Avoid the Biggest Pricing Mistakes
  • Answers to Top Pricing FAQs 
Get the Workshop for just $29


I’ll also be covering important topics including:

  • Why Uniqueness Commands Higher Prices
  • How to Price for Retail, Wholesale & Consignment
  • Perception Influences Pricing
  • Accounting for Packing, Shipping & Taxes
  • Where to Start If You’ve Never Sold Anything
  • How to Create Multiple Price Points
  • Knowing When to Increase Your Prices
  • Should you list your prices on your website?
  • Discounts, Bonuses and so much more!
Get the Workshop for just $29

Your Workshop Instructor...

Matt developed the Convergence Art Pricing Framework™️ while growing his own successful woven sculpture business in Asheville, North Carolina's River Arts District. He is an artist, internationally known Christian speaker and author of several books. Matt also mentors artists around the world through his Created to Thrive Artist Mentoring Program and The Thriving Christian Artist podcast. 

In 2009, God called Matt to "raise up an army of artists to reveal His glory all over the earth."  Since then, Matt has given his life to helping artists thrive spiritually, creatively and financially through creating live events, resources and online opportunities that equip artists to live the life they were divinely designed to live in the Kingdom.  

As an artist, Matt's work has been featured in many magazines, shows and exhibitions and is mostly commissioned by private clients for luxury mountain and coastal homes around the country.  In 2011, Matt was recognized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery as an American Artist Under 40 and in 2018 was recognized as one of the Best Artist Mentors in the country by Professional Artist Magazine.

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Get the Workshop for just $29